The winds of change will blow in The Pit!
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26 November 2022 19:15


The winds of change will blow in The Pit!

The Pit, the phenomenon series of Monday evenings on Show TV, is making a name for itself with its transfers in the new season. In addition to those who left the series in the new season, the newly joined characters also add excitement to the story.

In the series with a high dose of action, sometimes those who go are upset the audience, while the new characters add another color to The Pit with their stories. Recently, the news that two young names will participate in the series excites the audience.

While the roles of the new characters in the series are also revealed, these characters will be a complete surprise for the audience. A short time ago, a name that will enter Aliço’s life has been announced, this time a character who will get closer to Akın Koçovalı is included in the series.

Yasmin, the name of the new character that will appear in The Pit series, which is planned to be the last season. Gamze Doğanoğlu will play the character of Yasmin, according to the backstage information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on her social media account.

Yasmin, with whom Akın Koçovalı, brought to life by Burak Dakak, will come closer, will add a different color to the series. The young and successful name Gamze Doğanoğlu was playing the character of Zehra in the series Melek: A Mother’s Struggle, which was recently aired on TRT1.

Gamze Doğanoğlu played Halida Izzetbegovic in the TV series that was shot for TRT1 in 2018 and tells about the life of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s founding President Alija Izetbegović since her early youth.

After this series, she played the role of Gülfidan in the series Kalbimin Sultanı, which was also screened on Star TV in 2018.

Another name participating in the pit series is Begüm Akkaya. She will play Seher, who will enter Aliço’s life.

Aliço and Seher, who gave life to Rıza Kocaoğlu, will have a coincidental intersection!

Finally, Akkaya was also in the role of Fatma in Kanal D’s TV series New Life, which recently made its final.

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