The wrong decision in the Kalp Yarası series caused a big mistake!
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30 March 2023 10:58


The wrong decision in the Kalp Yarası series caused a big mistake!

“Kalp Yarası”, produced by Atv and produced by Process Film, hit the screen with its eighth episode on the evening of August 23. An erroneous decision of the character of Yaman will mark the new episode of the series. Yaman’s mistake, which will be torn between his anger and love, will cause great mistakes.

As the ice begins to melt between Ayşe and Ferit, Baha comes to the mansion as a driver and Ayşe’s world is turned upside down. While Ayşe wants Baha to leave as soon as possible, she soon realizes that it will not be easy at all.

Sinan was slapped by his father because of Yaman, and his pride was trampled underfoot. Sinan’s departure from home due to this event causes Leman to misunderstand everything and cold winds begin to blow between husband and wife.

Ferit, who pursues this job after Fırtına throws him off, begins to approach Baha’i step by step, while on the other hand, he comes face to face with his father because of his father’s slap to Sinan.

Yaman, who can’t cope with his feelings and who comes and goes between his anger and love, is dragged into a wrong decision when he is rejected by Hande.

While Ayşe is cornered because of Baha entering the mansion, a wrong decision she makes confronts Ferit in a way she never expected. This confrontation will be a turning point in the relationship of the two and nothing will be the same anymore.

Kalp Yarası, with its new episode, is on ATV on Monday at 20.00…

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