Series News The Yargı series had a great start in the ratings, and Kirli Sepeti gave hope!

The Yargı series had a great start in the ratings, and Kirli Sepeti gave hope!


The Yargı (Judgment) series started its 3rd season on Kanal D screen. While the new season surprises the audience greatly, the big change in the story is expected to be supported by surprises until the end of the season.

Around such a strong scenario, the Yargı series started the season with very good ratings again. With ratings well above average in all audience groups, the Yargı series managed to achieve first place in all audience groups with its 64th episode.

It has become clear with the impressive rating results that the Yargı series will have a wonderful time for Kanal D in the third season.

On Fox TV, a brand new series called Kirli Sepeti met with the audience. The ratings for the first episode of the Kirli Sepeti series, which featured a large cast and revealed the difference between the poor and the rich, were slightly below average.

However, it must be said that the series has received a passing grade for now, with the rating results that cannot be described as bad but aimed to be better, with the first episode.

Kirli Sepeti series, which finished the day in third place in all audience groups, may become one of the ambitious productions of Sunday evenings if it gains a little more viewers in the following weeks.

Rating competition on Sunday evenings will now be tougher. Murat Yıldırım and Aybüke Pusat will star in the fourth season of the TRT1 series called Teşkilat (Organization), and it is known that this project will appear before the audience with a brand new story line.

The fact that the Yargı series keeps its audience on the screen, that the Kirli Sepeti series continues to have a big surprise, and that the Teşkilat series will appear before the audience with a completely different image in its fourth season, indicates that the competition for ratings on Sunday evenings will be very tough.