The Yargı series is back, but the biggest surprise in the ratings was in the Tozluyaka series!
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3 February 2023 13:00


The Yargı series is back, but the biggest surprise in the ratings was in the Tozluyaka series!

Fans are very curious about the fate of the Tozluyaka series, which met with the audience on Monday evenings during the summer on Fox TV, but was switched to Sundays in the winter period with September. It was the biggest nightmare of the audience that the series had a serious drop in the ratings and made an early finale.

There was a concern that Tozluyaka might experience a serious loss of viewers, especially when the influential TV series on Sunday evenings, The Yargı (Judgement) and the Teşkilat (Organization), started. However, it was revealed by the ratings of Sunday, May 18, that these concerns may not be very true. Yes, the series Yargıstarted its second season on the Kanal D screen and again achieved very successful results.

With its 35th episode, the series Yargı won first place in all categories. Although the series achieved very good ratings in the AB and ABC1 categories, it was noteworthy that it was slightly above the average for all people. So what did the Tozluyaka series do at this point?

As expected, the start of the Yargı series did not lead to a serious loss of audience for Tozluyaka. The youth series of Fox TV, whose twelfth episode aired, was slightly behind  Yargı in the category of all persons, but achieved a good rate. Thus, Tozluyaka, who finished second in the day, was able to obtain rates close to the average in ABC1, although it remained low in the AB.

Many drama fans are satisfied with the ratings that can compete with Yargı in the all-person category. The loss of viewers less than expected gave hope to the fans of the series.

Of course, when Teşkilat starts with its third season, there may be a loss of viewers again. However, it is necessary to see that the message that Tozluyaka has a loyal audience and that it will support the series under all conditions is given with the 12th episode ratings.

If the Tozluyaka series continues to achieve above average rates in the category of all people, it will be a pleasing development for this series. However, if there is a serious decline in this category with the start of Teşkilat in the coming weeks, everyone knows very well that Fox TV will not keep the series on the screen for a long time.

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