There are 3 major freshness in Demet Özdemir's life
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27 November 2022 09:30


There are 3 major freshness in Demet Özdemir’s life

Demet Özdemir, who portrayed the character of Zeynep in the TV series My Home My Destiny, is one of the popular names of the recent period. After the Bay Dreamer series, the actress preferred to play in the drama instead of the romantic comedy this time.

She gave the image of “I play every role” with the series he starred with İbrahim Çelikkol. The actress, who has proven herself in the drama series with her successful acting, is also a favorite of the producers. The series My Home My Destiny, which started last season and took a break due to the pandemic, makes the channel happy with its ratings in the new season. The series continues on its way with a loyal audience, although it is not the first day.

Ratings will determine whether the series will be broadcast in the new season. Özdemir gave the following answer to the questions about the 3rd season: “I do not know, it is not clear yet.”

There are three freshness in Demet Özdemir’s life. One of them is his love affair with Oğuzhan Koç. Fans already know this… They also suit the two very well to each other.

The second innovation of Demet Özdemir is a project… The actress will take part in another project that will make her audience very happy during the summer season. The actress gave news that would please those who want to see her in a romantic comedy.

The actress, who was caught on camera with her boyfriend Oğuzhan Koç at a venue exit, said that she had a project for the summer. Özdemir gave the good news by saying “I have the possibility to shoot a movie in the summer”.

The third innovation is the house… The actress renovated her house and created a new living space for herself.

Demet Özdemir draws attention as a name that uses social media effectively.

The actress’ followers bring every post she makes on Instagram to the agenda of social media.

Tens of thousands of messages are pouring into the player with the Direct Message… Responding to the messages about the home change, Demet Özdemir provided important information about her life.

The actress, who has been renovating the house for a while, shares this situation with her fans.

Although it is thought that she moved to a new house after her posts, the actress actually renovated her house.

Özdemir said that her house was already finished and that there was no renovation anymore.

The actress said: “I did not move into the house before the renovation was over. I know how to cook, but one of my neighbors sent me a wonderful fig dessert and I ate it with pleasure. ”

With this statement, it was noteworthy that Demet Özdemir admitted that she could not cook.

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