There are such good criticisms of life in the Netflix series Uysallar that if you don't watch it, you lose a lot!
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26 September 2022 11:40


There are such good criticisms of life in the Netflix series Uysallar that if you don’t watch it, you lose a lot!

The Uysallar series, which was broadcast on Netflix and made a very successful debut as an 8-episode mini-series, created a great awareness in the audience with the messages it gave.

Written by Hakan Günday and directed by Onur Saylak, the series is full of influential names. Actors such as Uğur Yücel, Haluk Bilginer, Songül Öden, Öner Erkan, Serkan Altunorak and İbrahim Selim impress with their successful performances.

In every scene of the series, you can find a message, the hidden truth of a life. When looking at the comments reflected on the social media, many people write the scene, the word, which is the most affected in the series, according to them. These viewers, all of whom have drawn attention to different details, express how true the messages of the Uysallar series are.

The subject of the construction of the largest prison in Europe is highlighted as a matter of praise, and in the series, which refers to current politics, the fact that those working in the plaza actually live a prison life is revealed.

The criticism that people who are interested in cinema, theater and performing arts are also highlighted as the most criticized audience in such productions was a remarkable detail.

The message that everything was fine and there was no problem once all the wires were hidden in the house was also very meaningful to many viewers.

One of the messages given in the Uysallar series is the consumption frenzy that people are plunged into and how they make their lives a prison by borrowing. Buying a house and a car with credit and spending years for this good luck… One of the important messages of the series is the big debts that are made by millions of people right now, saying that ‘the one who gets a salary also gets a loan’ and the lives that are crushed under it.

Details such as the fact that politicians always put the responsibility on others, the problems experienced by women in business life, and the unbearable situation of the environment and traffic were among the details reflected in the series.

Uysallar revealed this with such effective messages and in such a beautiful way that it has already succeeded in gaining a special place in the Turkish TV series industry.

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