Series News There are such names in Disney Plus’s Numen series that it is impossible not to wonder!

There are such names in Disney Plus’s Numen series that it is impossible not to wonder!


Disney Plus, which will start broadcasting in 42 countries on June 14, was a breath of fresh air! The new digital platform creates excitement for the audience as well as the TV series and cinema industry in Turkey. The series has already started to be shot for Disney Plus, which includes famous names one by one!

First, Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu’s Kaçış (Escape) series was shot. Filming on the plateau set in Gaziantep is over and it has already attracted attention as the first series of Disney Plus. Shortly before 14th of June, studies and shootings for new TV series and movies started.

Among them, Demet Özdemir, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Buğra Gülsoy starring in the series Dünyayla Benim Aramda (Between the World and Me) is another remarkable production. In addition, the Atatürk series, in which Aras Bulut İynemli will play the leading role, is also among the highly anticipated productions of the platform.

By the way, one of the most talked about and prominent productions of the platform is the series called Numen. This series has been known as Halit Ergenç for a long time. Although the actor has not confirmed that he will play in this series until now, he stated that the negotiations are continuing.

With Halit Ergenç, whose name is now in the series Numen, the names of two more female actors began to come to the fore! One of these two names is Melis Sezen, who has recently been a shining star and one of the leading roles in the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful).

It is understood that for the Numen series, which is being worked on meticulously, it has been scrutinized and touched frequently for the cast.

Apart from Halit Ergenç and Melis Sezen, Songül Öden, who won the admiration of everyone with her acting, also came to the fore as one of the leading roles for the production, which has been preparing for a long time.

Songül Öden, who is currently playing a role in Show TV’s Oğlum (My Son) series, will actually go through an intense period lately.

Because Öden also came to the fore with the news that she will play in the Atatürk series along with Disney Plus’s Numen series. Aras Bulut Iynemli will play Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, while Songül Öden will give life to his mother, Zübeyde Hanım.

Thus, the actress is preparing to take part in two very special productions of Disney Plus. Öden was also widely talked about and appreciated for her role in Netflix’s new series Uysallar.

It has been learned that Fatih Kızılgök will direct the series Numen, the story of which was written by Zafer Külünk. Halit Ergenç will portray a character who communicates telepathically thanks to the invention he made due to his illness in the series. Songül Öden will play the actor’s wife in the series, who will have an interesting experience.