Series News There are those who watch the Yargı series only for the character of Pars!

There are those who watch the Yargı series only for the character of Pars!


The Yargı series (meaning: Judgment), which locked millions of viewers on the Kanal D screen on Sunday evenings, continues to broadcast successfully. The most popular character in the series is undoubtedly Pars. So much so that there are only those who watch the series Yargı for Pars.

Each character of the Yargı series is unique to him. But the most loved one is undoubtedly Prosecutor Pars Seçkin, played by Mehmet Yılmaz Ak. Pars’s naturalness, honesty and his attitude towards justice were loved by the audience.

The audience constantly expresses their love for Pars and often shares the scenes in which he takes place. So much so that there are even viewers who say that they watch the TV series “Yargı” only for the character of Pars.

Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, who plays Pars, plays the role so successfully that a viewer says that if he sees the actor on the road, he will call him “prosecutor”. Even the lawyers of the series say that Mehmet Yılmaz AK plays a real prosecutor in every detail.

Viewers constantly express their admiration for Pars with their social media posts. The viewers, who always see Pars as right, share messages of support.

It is noted that the biggest share in the success of the Pars character is the performance of actor Mehmet Yılmaz Ak. However, the master actor points out that screenwriter Sema Ergenekon has a great share in this success. Mehmet Yılmaz Ak said in an interview he gave a short time ago:

“Sema Ergenekon writes really beautiful lyrics. For example, while playing Pars, this man is constantly working, looking at the screen, and I like to add something human to my character… Our face may itch, something may happen to our eyes. Sema said, of course, she is following this and we should write a story about it. She just filled it up. Since Pars cannot sleep at night, he has dry eyes and needs to use eye drops. This is a totally collective thing. ”