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6 July 2022 10:47


There are two important offers for Fırat Tanış for both Show TV and Netflix series!

Fırat Tanış, who has been on the screen recently with the 3-part Fault series adventure, after the character of Adem he played in the series Istanbullu Gelin, Fırat Tanış receives new series offers.

Fırat Tanış, who wears the characters he plays like a shirt, and has accomplished many successful works, is a master at animating different characters. Fırat Tanış’s name is mentioned in two different series planned for the new period. It is also stated that the offers have been sent to the actor and are in the evaluation process.

There is an offer from the TV series Aziz, where Murat Yıldırım’s name is mentioned for the lead role. In addition to Murat Yıldırım, there is information that meetings are held with Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan.

Eda Tezcan, who also wrote Hercai, realizes the story of the Aziz series, for which Zeynep Günay Tan continues the preparations. The story that will take place in Antakya and Istanbul will be a period series.

Another series offer to Fırat Tanış came from OGM Pictures. Fırat Tanış is among the actors who were offered an offer for the project titled Another Self, which was prepared for Netflix and in which the story of 3 women will be told, in which Tuba Büyüküstün is one of the leading roles. Burcu Alptekin is the director of the series, whose story Nuran Evren Şilt wrote, and the shooting is expected to begin at the beginning of July.

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