There is a big problem in The Choice TV series, but there is no solution!
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29 March 2023 16:21


There is a big problem in The Choice TV series, but there is no solution!

The new season of The Choice (Babel) series, which was acclaimed for the first season on the Star TV screen, is also eagerly awaited… Filming of The Choice series, which starred Halit Ergenç, Ozan Güven, Aslı Enver, Nur Fettahoğlu and Birce Akalay, is expected to begin soon.

The most curious subject is the situation of Ozan Güven. There are various claims. For example, advertising companies do not want Ozan Güven and for this reason Ay Yapım wants to part ways with the actor.

However, there is a contract, and there is an ongoing investigation and court process. Ozan Güven, who has been on the agenda for a long time with the claim that he battered his ex-lover Deniz Bulutsuz, also drew attention with his message pointing to the importance of waiting for the result.

At this point, what kind of decision Ay Yapım will make is expected with curiosity. It was reported that the producer of The Choice TV series was planning to part ways with Ozan Güven. However, another problem is that the character harmony between Halit Ergenç and Ozan Güven will be disrupted.

The Choice viewers will not be pleased with the corruption of the characters of Irfan and Egemen. Sina Kologlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Cadde, also touched on this issue in his column. Koloğlu stated that Alican Yücesoy or Onur Saylak are candidates for this role.

However, if it is necessary to be realistic, it is not possible for another actor to accept the performance of Ozan Güven in the first season. It is clear that in case of a player change, the character of Egemen will grin even if he is portrayed by a very good name, and this will harm The Choice TV series.

So what does Sina Koloğlu say about this? Here is the article by Sina Kologlu: “The allegation that Ozan Guven beat his beloved and the events that followed are not pleasant for the actor … He plays in the TV series” The Choice “. And there are questions about whether the production company will go ahead with it.

The actor has a desire to continue pending the court decision. The production company, what I hear, does not agree. And in search of a new name to play instead. It is a difficult choice because they were a compatible duo with Halit Ergenç. It takes a strong player to handle this job. I exchanged ideas like this. Who can It Be? For example, Alican Yücesoy? For example, Onur Saylak? “

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