There is a character in the series Camdaki Kız, the audience is wondering what to do!
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5 February 2023 06:26


There is a character in the series Camdaki Kız, the audience is wondering what to do!

While the third season of the Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) series continues successfully, its fluent storytelling and successful acting attracts millions of viewers to Kanal D on Thursday evenings. While there is a fierce rating battle in the Thursday competition, the Camdaki Kız series manages to hold its own audience.

The prominent characters of the series in the third season were naturally Nalan and Hayri. These two characters, who are moving towards a new love, have a lot to add to the story. However, at the point of love, you can see from the criticisms on social media that the emotional intensity of Nalan and Hayri is not enough for the audience, and that many TV series fans do not find this love convincing enough.

Even though Burcu Biricik and Cihangir Ceyhan are in a successful partnership process, there are still many shortcomings in the love of Nalan and Hayri for many fans of the series. While they are trying to open the doors of a new life, it must be said that Feride is the character that the fans of the series are most curious about.

The character of Feride, played by Nur Sürer with a magnificent performance, continues to be the favorite of the audience with her dominant character and the unpredictability of how she will react. From the beginning of the series until today, the character of Feride has been the name that raised the element of curiosity the most.

Nur Sürer also penetrated the souls of the series fans with the scenes where she displayed her mastery. Imagine that Feride comes out of the TV series Camdaki Kız all of a sudden, what will be left to create excitement? For many TV series fans, the character of Feride is the indispensable name of the Camdaki Kız, which brings the excitement to the top.

You will see that Feride will again come to the fore in the series, whose 55th new episode will be broadcast on Thursday, November 3rd.

Nalan and Hayri are starting to get closer. Muzo, on the other hand, is almost devastated by his love for Nalan. On the other hand, Feride can’t stand what Selen said about Nalan and threatens her by holding her hair. Feride is again tough, again dominant, and she is the character that the audience is most curious about what to do.

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