There is a different Sevda Erginci in the series Elkızı with 11 years of experience!
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29 September 2022 16:55


There is a different Sevda Erginci in the series Elkızı with 11 years of experience!

Elkızı series, which was broadcast on the Fox TV screen on Saturday evenings, became an acclaimed production. It won’t be surprising if the series gets more attention as the weeks go by… Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz are the leading roles in Elkızı. The harmony of the duo was also found successful by the audience.

Sevda Erginci draws a strong woman image with her Ezo character. Ezo is someone who stands on her own feet, makes her own decisions and knows how to deal with all difficulties. This is what made the women viewers more important to the series. Because it is not always possible to see stories of strong women on the screen.

Sevda Erginci lives in the calm and comfort of her 11-year successful career in the TV series Elkızı. The actress gave important information in her statement.

Sevda Erginci, who has been acting since 2012, has been on the screen since the age of 17.

Erginci said, “With 11 years of experience, I am calmer and more comfortable now. On the set, I feel like I’m at home out of habit. But I’m still at the beginning of the road. There is still a lot to learn,” she explained.

Stating that acting is a part of her life, Sedva Erginci stated that she does not have a plan for how long it will last.

Stating that she has many dreams, the actress said, “Of course I have a lot of dreams, but I can’t specify anything specific. I don’t have any plans that I set or target for my career. I don’t even have a plan for how long I’m going to keep acting,” she said.

When it comes to technology, the actress is not that enthusiastic. Erginci tries to stay away from technology out of necessity.

The actress explained the reason for this as follows: “I am not interested in technology except when I need it. It even scares me. I don’t know when we will realize what a great loss it is that everything has become so easy…”

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