There is a famous name who fell into the position of a scapegoat in the Teşkilat series!
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2 December 2022 06:07


There is a famous name who fell into the position of a scapegoat in the Teşkilat series!

Teşkilat series has been a production that has continued to receive criticism from the audience due to its scenario in the last few weeks… We see that the Teşkilat series has moved away from its former power, with the Yargı series making a very good debut and then Survivor attracting a group of viewers.

TRT1 series, which was able to achieve double-digit ratings almost every week before, has now regressed considerably… We can understand that a certain part of the audience has left the series never to return, with the ratings coming at a similar level recently. The series continues to win first place and is considered among the most successful productions of the season. However, this does not change the fact that it does not maintain its former strong position.

Some series fans believe that some issues in the script are the cause of this decrease in interest. It is understood from the social media posts that the reactions towards Ezgi Eyüboğlu, who plays the character of Ceren, are increasing.

Some fans of The Teşkilat TV series think that the character of Ceren should be removed from the story. The actor, who is seen as a scapegoat, is accused of having a negative impact on the story of the series.

However, Ezgi Eyüboğlu also has a strong supporter group since the very first episode. Fans of the actress like Ceren’s performance and love that she can wear any disguise.

While one fan of Ezgi Eyüboğlu commented, “Even though he is a bad character, his strong stance is great”, the number of those who stated that the actress did justice to her role is quite high.

The character of Ceren is criticized by some fans of the Teşkilat series, and the idea that there is no place for her in the series is expressed on social media.

Some series fans think that the actress did justice to her role and contributed to the series.

Ezgi Eyüboğlu continues on her path as a name that does justice to her role and makes a great contribution to the Teşkilat series, even though she is sandwiched between two different ideas.

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