There is a message for everyone in the story of the series "Oğlum", signed by Ay Yapım!
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4 February 2023 10:42


There is a message for everyone in the story of the series “Oğlum”, signed by Ay Yapım!

Ay Yapım is going through an intense preparation period for new TV series. One of these projects is my new TV series, “Oğlum”, by director Ahmet Katiksız. Ahmet Katiksız, who directed the latest Alev Alev TV series, is working meticulously for the project.

It turned out that there was no meeting with Demet Evgar, who was considered to be the lead role for the TV series “Oğlum”. However, the negotiations with Canan Ergüder were positive and the actress agreed for the character of Pedegog Demet.

As the publisher of the series, which has an emotional story, Show TV has become clear… Many viewers will find a piece of themselves in Oğlum, whose story is also very curious.

In parallel with the impoverishment experienced in our country in recent years, Oğlum is likely to find a strong response, as it is a project that highlights the children of low-income families.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş has published the details of the story of the TV series Oğlum. The dramatic story of 6-year-old Kaan and the 12-year-old son of another family, Cem, will also impress the audience.

Computer game lover Cem will be the child of a well-to-do family, while Kaan will be the son of a low-income family and the paths of the two children will cross.

As a result of the bad and terrible events to be experienced through two children, the TV series “Oğlum” will reveal strong messages for life.

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