Series News There is a very nice series coming on Fox TV, but there is a serious problem

There is a very nice series coming on Fox TV, but there is a serious problem

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The new TV series called Mahkum, which will soon meet with the audience on Fox TV, has already attracted the attention of the audience. Many TV series fans started to comment, “A wonderfully beautiful series is coming”, even just by looking at the trailers.

The name of the new TV series of Fox TV is Mahkum… Onur Tuna, Seray Kaya, İsmail Hacıoğlu and Melike İpek Yalova take the lead roles in the series… Mahkum, which will draw attention with its story, was adapted from the foreign TV series Innocent Defendant. Onur Tuna with the character of Prosecutor Fırat Bulut will be talked about a lot in the coming period.

Onur Tuna, who has achieved great success in the last 4 seasons with the Yasak Elma and then the Muzice Doktor, will again show his talents in the TV series called Mahkum. Comments on the trailers of the series show that the audience is already excited.

There was a large audience that wanted Onur Tuna to return to TV series. This request will come true soon. Seray Kaya also experienced a period series with Kuruluş Osman after the Kadın series, and the actress will come to the fore as the female lead in the new series.

It is also necessary to mention İsmail Hacıoğlu. The actor, whom we watched in the Zümrüdüanka series last season, also attracted great attention in the digital TV series called Hükümsüz.

İsmail Hacıoğlu will portray two different characters in the new Fox TV series. You will watch a very heavy psychopath character from the player this time. İsmail Hacıoğlu, who is known for playing such roles successfully, seems to attract a lot of attention, even with his reflections in the trailers.

Melike İpek Yalova will return to the sets with the series Mahkum after her long experience in Bir Zamanlar Çukurova.

The story of the idealist Public Prosecutor Fırat Bulut, accused of murdering his wife and daughter in the Mahkum series, whose leading cast was formed by highly influential names, to clear himself and find the real criminals promises a series of action with plenty of action.

There is an audience looking forward to the Mahkum, and while everything looks so good, an important concern was reflected in the social media comments.

Fox TV does not have a new series that has received very good ratings this season and that seems to dominate other competitors. Only the Yasak Elma, which continues its fifth season, carries the channel, but other series have not been as effective.

Even if the Mahkum series is expected to perform very well with this story and successful cast, the fact that it will be broadcast on Fox TV and that there are very powerful series on the screen for 7 days a week immediately comes to mind.

It’s normal for a TV series that has an attractive story like a Mahkum and can do great things with a good fiction to cause anxiety when it comes to Fox TV. All series fans are worried about this situation, as the channel management has canceled the series with low performance in a row.

The trailers of Mahkum are watched a lot and talked a lot on social media, but the viewers are very uneasy.