There is almost a Cinderella story in the Aziz series! Wait, this is the beginning!
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28 March 2023 01:31


There is almost a Cinderella story in the Aziz series! Wait, this is the beginning!

The Aziz series, broadcast on Show TV on Friday evenings, attracts great attention. The 7th episode of the O3 Medya series aired this week. The participation of Murat Yıldırım’s wife İman Elbani as the Egyptian Princess Fevziye in the series also created an interesting situation.

Fevziye left a pleasant tone in the one-episode series, but at the same time, she transformed the character of Efnan, brought to life by Simay Barlas, from a caterpillar to a butterfly, and moved her to another place in Aziz’s eyes. With this little touch, a fairy tale story in the series actually emerged!

Simay Barlas, who gave life to the Cinderella of this tale, Efnan, was also in the background because of her miserable state in the series for a long time. But in the last episode, Barlas added a different color to the series with its new look.

Born in 1998, the young actress first appeared before the audience in 2015 with the character of Öykü in the TV series Paramparça. Later, the actress also took part in the TV series Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır, Zalim İstanbul, Arıza, Adı Efsane, Bir Annenin Günahı.

Simay Barlas, after proceeding with calm but confident steps in her career journey, has now become one of the leading roles in the Aziz series with Murat Yıldırım and Damla Sönmez!

In the series, she almost looks like a Cinderella with her shabby clothes, messy hair and bad appearance. Efnan, who was not very noticeable at first, gradually began to settle in the center of the series.

Efnan, to whom Aziz is unconsciously attached, is in love with Aziz, who saved ere from the person who abused her for years. Unpredictable, these two are expected to fall in love, but Efnan still has a long way to go!

But thanks to the Egyptian Princess who suddenly appeared in the last episode, it was also revealed how she could turn into a princess from Cinderella with a beautiful outfit and care.

Aziz had given the red shoes on his feet as a gift. In the series, along with Aziz’s life struggle against his uncle and the people around him, the Cinderella tale is kept alive by name! Red shoes are like the symbol of this fairy tale…

It is as if those red shoes have taken the place of the glass shoes in the fairy tale! It did not go unnoticed that Efnan was wearing the shoe, which she looked at like his eyes, while going to the invitation of Princess Fevziye and Monsieur Pierre.

Although the Prince, Aziz, does not know that he has found his Princess yet, Efnan is almost waiting for her prince, who will pull her out of the life she lives like Cinderella!

When you look at the Aziz series from this point of view, the Cinderella tale in the main theme of the series gains a completely different meaning!

Here, Fevziye, who transformed Efnan from being Cinderella to a princess, was almost no different from the fairy in the fairy tale. This unexpected guest led to a completely different process in the lives of Efnan and Aziz. Let’s see when will the Prince find Cinderella Efnan?

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