There is another TV series that opens the door to a new world for Kadir Doğulu, apart from Gecenin Ucunda
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2 December 2022 18:39


There is another TV series that opens the door to a new world for Kadir Doğulu, apart from Gecenin Ucunda

Kadir Doğulu and his wife, Neslihan Atagül, will soon meet with the audience on Star TV with the TV series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the End). The two successful actors will have a brand new experience as they are the production partners of the series, as well as appearing in front of the camera again after years.

Trailers are being released for the project at the Gecenin Ucunda, prepared in partnership with TMC Film, owned by Erol Avcı, and Alim Yapım, owned by Kadir Doğulu. Those who will watch the two successful actors on the screen again 8 years after the Fatih Harbiye series are very excited…

It will be a great pleasure for TV series fans to watch these two on TV in a new love story years later. However, this project is not just a drama for the famous couple, it’s much more than just a drama. Because the famous couple is taking strong steps to take place not only in front of the camera, but also behind it. The success of the series “Gecenin Ucunda” will enable the couple to take much more decisive steps in their production journey.

Kadir Doğulu has kept an intense work schedule for the preparations of a daily series called Leylifer in recent days. Finally, the details of the series emerged. Nihan Eren wrote the script for the series in which Camila Duarte Çakır and Can Verel took the lead roles. The series, directed by Metin Kalekoğlu, will again bring to the screen the story of a foreign young woman entering the life of a Turkish family.

The Yeni Gelin (New Bride), where Jessica May made a big splash, and then the Maria and Mustafa TV series attracted attention through a similar story. Years ago, Özgür Çevik shone with a similar series as the protagonist of the foreign groom’s story.

You will watch Camila Duarte Çakır, the character of a young girl who comes from Mexico and crosses paths with a Turkish family, in the serial that will be broadcast daily called Leylifer. The young actress did not hide her excitement in the interview. Camila Duarte Çakır said, “We are very excited, very happy. I hope everyone will like it very much, because we had a lot of fun during the shoot. People hope they like it,” she said.

Can Verel became the male lead actor of the series. The actor, who played the character named Kemal for four seasons in the Kanal 7 series called Yemin (Promise), will be in front of his fans with the daily series Leylifer in the new period. Can Verel said, “I was thinking of resting a little after my 4 season work was over, I went to the interview before I finished the first episode in the script, because the script got me very excited”.

Famous actor Kadir Doğulu, owner of Alim Yapım, talked about the fact that the series focuses on the coming together of two different cultures and said: “We are talking about the coming together of two cultures. Now, the success of Turkish TV series in the world is clear. What lies behind this is the power attributed to our geography and to create the idea that no matter how many problems there are, there is a solution.”

Meryem, a Mexican-born young woman living in Spain, will one day change her life when she meets a Turkish young man named Aziz. The wishes of two young people who are in love with each other to marry will come true after a while and the story will progress by getting deeper. The experience of the character Meryem, who comes to a Turkish family, is the main idea of ​​the series.

Kadir Doğulu stated that they will tell about a family that is about to break up and meeting the common cultural story of two foreigners coming from outside to reunite. It was also revealed that Kadir Doğulu will be in front of the camera for a while as a guest actor in the series. Kadir Doğulu will be on the screen with a calm and bland character in the Leylifer series.

The Leylifer series, which also includes names such as Burak Sarımola, Berna Keskin, Osman İskender, Pervin Balcı, Gözde Berkan, Ece Şahin, seems to be a project that will be talked about a lot in the coming days.

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