Series News There is great news for those who can’t forget the “Beni Böyle Sev” series!

There is great news for those who can’t forget the “Beni Böyle Sev” series!

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One of the most popular TV series of TRT 1, Beni Böyle Sev. These days, the series Beni Böyle Sev, in which Burcu Biricik and Eda Ece, one of the brightest actors of the TV series, took part in one of the side roles while they were just at the beginning of the road, comes to the screen with its episodes again.

The romantic comedy “Beni Böyle Sev” series started airing on TRT 1 in February 2013. The series, which lasted for three seasons, said goodbye to the screen with its 89th episode in 2015. The series, which was very popular with the audience at the time it was broadcast, is in the memory.

The TV series “Beni Böyle Sev” is on the screen again with its episodes. The still unforgettable series will be on TRT 1 screens at 13:00 every weekday from tomorrow, and the fans of the series will remember the old days.

The directors of the series, which were produced by Çağrı and Başak Bingüller, were Cem Tabak and Levent Türkan. In the series, there were names such as Alper Saldıran, Zeynep Çamcı, Burcu Altın, Bala Atabek, Umut Kurt, Mert Turak, Selen Uçer, Altan Gördüm, Lale Mansur.

These days, two of Turkey’s most famous actresses were playing a role in “Beni Böyle Sev”. Burcu Biricik, Nalan of the Camdaki Kız, and Eda Ece, the Yıldız of Yasak Elma, played side roles in the TV series “Beni Böyle Sev”. The subject of the series was as follows:

With Ömer (Alper Saldıran), who is rich and handsome, but very modest; The lightning love of Ayşem (Zeynep Çamcı), a young girl who grew up an orphan but still full of life, ends in marriage after a long adventure. However, marriage is not a happy ending for them in their struggle for life, it is just a beginning.