Series News There is news from the Warrior series!

There is news from the Warrior series!


The Warrior series has been on Fox TV for 4 seasons. However, the coronavirus epidemic intervened. The work on the set was stopped. All the cast was also drawn to rest at home.

Gaye Turgut Evin, one of the leading actress of the series, made a sharing that relieved the followers who were curious about the fate of the series. The actress, who said that she missed the Warrior series, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings, said, “Thank you for your beautiful messages, shares and love from your heart. Please a little patience, the distance between each other is not an obstacle to share “.

Gaye Turgut Evin advised everyone to stay at home and pay attention to social distance. She, who also gave suggestions to those who miss the series, wrote, “For example, you can watch our series in series from the first episode, or you can open a book, travel to your essence and rediscover yourself.”

The actress, who tells that the Warrior series will return to the screen and everything will be normal, is close. Now take a deep breath and smile, don’t delay anymore. “