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5 July 2022 12:09


There is only one missing piece for Show TV’s Aziz and Üç Kuruş series!

Two new series will meet with the audience in the new season on Show TV screens. A lot of effort goes into both productions. Üç Kuruş and Aziz stand out as the productions that will drag Show TV in the ratings this season.

Show TV, which made the final decision for the series named İçimizden Biri, could not get the good ratings it expected from the series Yalancı.

One of these series is Üç Kuruş… Ay Yapım, which attracted millions of viewers with İçerde and then Çukur, will now attract viewers to the Show TV screen on Monday evenings with the TV series Üç Kuruş. Üç Kuruş, based on the story of a gypsy family, will reflect the conflict between the police and the mafia.

The other series is Aziz… The Aziz series, starring Murat Yıldırım and Damla Sönmez, is also an eagerly awaited production. The series, which was shot in Antakya, will take the audience to the 1930s. What happened before Hatay joined Turkey will draw everyone’s attention.

Show TV is very confident in both series. Trailers of the series, which have been intensively working for a while, continue to be shared. However, it should be noted that the channel has not yet announced a clear broadcast date for both series.

These days, which have been on the agenda for a long time and the patience of the audience is now running out, it is expected to announce the start dates for the Aziz and Üç Kuruş series.

The only thing that seems to be missing for both series at the moment is that it is not clear when they will start.

At least, it is known that the Üç Kuruş series will be broadcast on Monday evenings. Which day will be preferred for Aziz? Considering the rival series, there are strong opponents 7 days a week.

An announcement about the series from Show TV is expected soon.

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