Artists News There is such a scene in the TV series Safir that it was a big shock for Özge Yağız!

There is such a scene in the TV series Safir that it was a big shock for Özge Yağız!


As the Safir (Sapphire) series continues on Monday evenings on ATV, the interest in the leading actress of the series, Özge Yağız, is also increasing exponentially.

The actress, who made her name known to large audiences not only in our country but also abroad with her TV series Yemin, later improved herself a lot with different projects.

The actress, who took on an important responsibility as the female lead of the Safir series, which is being shot in Cappadocia this season, became one of the important topics on the agenda on social media once again, as she did justice to the role.

The Safir series is known as a series that attracts attention both in our country and abroad with its good story and the devoted and successful performances of the young actors.

There was a slight decrease in the ratings of the Safir series in the 9th episode, which was broadcast last Monday. Although the core audience is not yet fully established, the fact that it still achieves above average ratings in all categories shows that the series has a strong audience group.

The story of the Feraye character in the Safir series, which continues to attract its own audience to the ATV screen even though it has problems reaching new viewers, deeply affected the audience.

Özge Yağız also revealed her feelings behind the camera in her interview. The actress experiences intense concentration in Feraye’s emotional scenes.

Özge Yağız said that there were emotional scenes that were very difficult and took a long time to shoot. Özge Yağız, who also praised her partner Burak Berkay Akgül’s acting, stated that they were very impressed by his emotional state in the scenes.

Özge Yağız explained that when the script first came, she was very surprised by the scene where the brother of the man she loved made a marriage proposal to Feraye:

“I was very impressed when I first read the script, before the shooting of the series even started. I was very impressed while shooting it. It’s so different, you ask yourself 30 times which woman would experience this? “The brother of the man you love proposes to you, it’s incredible.”