There was such a comment on the Yargı series that the curiosity for the new season increased a lot
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3 February 2023 14:00


There was such a comment on the Yargı series that the curiosity for the new season increased a lot

The Yargı (Judgment) series, which started on Kanal D screens last season, was talked about as a production that locked the audience to their seats in every episode. While the published episodes of the series turned the audience’s head with high excitement, it also surprised the audience with its extremely difficult story to predict.

Master pen Sema Ergenekon’s script is full of clever details and managed to keep the attention of the audience throughout the season, hitting the audience from where they least expected it. Although the series of Yargı is talked about as a production starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, many actors of the series were talked about at least as much as the leading roles with their successful performances.

Onur Duymaz, who gave life to the character of Engin, did not attract much attention in the first episodes of the series, but later attracted attention as the character around which the story revolves. Uğur Aslan, who gave life to the Eren commissioner, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, who played Prosecutor Pars, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, who gave life to Judge Neva, Şükran Ovalı, who later joined the series and played Prosecutor Derya, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, who played the Metin supervisor, and Çınar. Many names such as Arda Anarat, one of the young actors of the series that gave life, came to the fore both with their acting and the characters they played in life.

Yargı series, which has a scenario that does not allow the audience to be distracted even for a moment in terms of its plot. While waiting for the answers to the questions lasting for months and weeks in many TV series drove the audience crazy, the series Yargı presented a story in which the events were resolved quickly and made them ask completely different questions with completely different, unthinkable and extremely interesting new developments.

In the new season, episodes that are likely to surprise the audience have begun to be written! Sema Ergenekon showed that she started writing with a social media post she made a while ago, and she announced on her Instagram account that the scenario of the 1st episode was finally over.

Towards the end of the season, “6 months later” was shown with short scenes in a few episodes and it was revealed that Ceylin, who remarried with Ilgaz, killed him in the last episode. What happened, why did she kill Ilgaz, did she really kill him, is there something else involved in the incident? These and many other questions have troubled the audience throughout the summer.

Shortly before the September season, new episodes of the series are also eagerly awaited. A recent social media post has almost increased this curiosity!

For the second season of Yargı, the crew will soon assemble and begin filming. Sema Ergenekon had already announced that the first part was written and finished. After this post, a post by Erdi Işık, who works as the Drama Development Manager at Ay Yapım, from his own social media account, multiplied the excitement!

Erdi Işık shared a photo frame from the first episode scenario of the second season of Yargı, which Sema Ergenekon conveyed to the production team, in his post on his Twitter account. Işık shared his post, “You did it again @semaergenekonn! What a beautiful episode this is :)” he added.

With this sharing, a very interesting process began for the fans of the series Yargı! It seems to the viewer that big upsides are coming. A curious wait has begun until the beginning of September for the audience waiting for the series in the summer season.

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