There were no great expectations, Oğlum series misled Show TV a lot!
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27 November 2022 09:09


There were no great expectations, Oğlum series misled Show TV a lot!

Show TV made a very important decision at the end of last season and finished all its series. As of June, it started to set out with new productions. The channel management, which could not find what it expected from Cam Tavanlar, prepared ambitious projects for the winter period.

At the beginning of the season, it was a sad development for the channel that the productions called Yalancı and İçimizden Biri did not get good ratings and made their finals. However, the issues such as the good start of the Üç Kuruş series and the creation of a bone audience in the Aziz series were the success of Show TV.

Baba series also started the previous week. Baba, which could not be a series that left its mark on Tuesday evenings as expected, looks like a production that will continue in the middle rows.

The falling ratings in the Üç Kuruş series continue to annoy. Let’s also mention that Show TV is happy with the stability in the Aziz series and that the show continues to get good results on Friday evening.

However, the course of the TV series Oğlum (meaning: My Son), which brings a heavy drama story to the audience, does not look good at all. The fifth episode of the TV series “Oğlum”, which created the feeling that it will make a good debut for a while, is left behind. However, the ratings were below average.

Even in an environment where Kanal D could not broadcast the new episode of “Sadakatsiz” due to the health problem of the screenwriter, the low ratings of the TV series “Oğlum” was thought-provoking.

The cast of the series starring Songül Öden, Canan Ergüder, Nihal Yalçın, Timur Acar and Feyyaz Duman is also pointed out.

It is also unexpected that the great drama in the story did not attract the audience very much. Oğlum series was able to take the ninth place in the category of all persons with his fifth episode. Finishing the day in sixth place in the AB, it is seen that the series achieved eighth place in ABC1.

A series of great hopes for Show TV entered into a more troublesome period. And on a night when Sadakatsiz is not on the air with its new episode, the fact that the TV series “Oğlum” achieved such low results in the ratings gives hope for the future.

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