There will be a big break in the story of the Yargı series!
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1 October 2022 02:38


There will be a big break in the story of the Yargı series!

The story of the Yargı (Judgment) series, which meets with the audience on the Kanal D screen on Sunday evenings, is progressing so strongly that the fans do not even want to miss a scene.

The fans of the series, who are eagerly waiting for Sunday evenings every week, are trying to understand what can happen in the new episode with the trailers published.

The second season is already guaranteed, and the details of the story prevent the interest of the audience as the season goes towards the end of the season. At this point, the influential pen of screenwriter Sema Ergenekon comes to the fore.

Sema Ergenekon’s surprises in the story of the series Yargı keep the excitement of the audience high. What kind of surprises will screenwriter Ergenekon make in the 28th episode?

The most curious issue is whether Ilgaz will tell Ceylin the truth or not. Çınar’s confession of killing her father is not an easy decision for Ilgaz. That’s why those who wonder how the screenwriter handles this issue know that there may be big breaks in the 28th episode on Sunday.

The new episode introduction of Kanal D’s Ay Yapım series, Yargı, heralds an episode that will make the audience experience emotional moments. In the promotion where Ceylin’s excitement for the new house they will move to with Ilgaz is revealed, it is noteworthy that Ilgaz has a hard time due to the bitter truth he knows.

The first promotion that met the audience from the new episode of Yargı is the scene of emotional moments. While Ceylin is experiencing the joy of making a new start with Ilgaz, Ilgaz is overwhelmed by these happy states of Ceylin. Ilgaz, who is heartbroken about how to tell Ceylin that Çınar killed Zafer, increases the excitement about the new episode.

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