They will be in the Yargı series in 6 months, is it clear from today? Hints given, opposite corners are coming!
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5 October 2022 15:14


They will be in the Yargı series in 6 months, is it clear from today? Hints given, opposite corners are coming!

The Yargı (Judgment) series is a production that has already passed into our television history. Kanal D’s production, which left its mark on Sunday evenings, took the audience from question to question with its 31st episode, and brought with it the developments that were watched with astonishment.

The episodes, which were brought to the screen with the phrase ‘6 months later’, which took place in the series signed by Ay Yapım for 3 episodes, manage to become a subject of even greater curiosity by asking the question ‘where is this series going?’!

Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon surprises the audience in such a way that a process goes beyond expectations! The audience’s estimated answers to the questions from the previous episode are almost impossible to match! There are different predictions for 6 months later, but there are probably big reverses coming again!

The series Yargı, which won the rating in all categories with its last episode aired, managed to stay on the agenda of social media as a production with thousands of tweets in the 31st episode with the hashtags #yargı and #Shame. While the heartbreaking separation of Ilgaz and Ceylin marked the new episode of the series, the capture of Serdar was a development that melted the audience’s heart in the last scenes.

Bringing Serdar to the Courthouse to scare him, who finally confessed to Yekta that he killed Zafer, Yekta was caught by the Prosecutor Pars, who was watching them. While trying to kidnap Serdar with Cüneyt, he was shocked by the appearance of Pars.

Serdar has now been caught. We will watch together whether he will make his confession to the police or to the prosecutor. However, at the beginning of the most curious subjects in the series, there are a few scenes for 3 episodes and the events that take place 6 months later. Those moments when Ceylin shows up with her hands, blood on her head and again with a bloody knife, confuses everyone.

We watched the continuation of this scene in the 31st episode. The harsh demeanor of Eren, who takes Ceylin from her office by running and puts her in the police car in an angry state, brings the stopper named Eren.

While blood is seen in a garbage container, it is reflected in the scenes where crime scene crews inspect the area. Learning that Ceylin’s fingerprints were in that container, Eren is devastated. This scene gives the impression that Ceylin killed someone. Did he really kill someone? Who? Why? How did Ceylin, who is a legal person, get to this point, is another matter?

Does the incident that continued with the re-emergence of the subject of the case a few years ago, the murder of a judge, the murder of Çağdaş by poisoning have anything to do with Ceylin’s experiences? Are the events 6 months later also related to this?

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