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16 August 2022 19:18


Things went well for Pınar Deniz and Hande Erçel, now Demet Özdemir is next!

The agreements made by Disney Plus to attract Turkish actors to its platform have been talked about a lot lately. There were allegations that agreements were made with Hande Erçel and Pınar Deniz to make a series for Disney Plus, which started to spread among female actors.

For a project being prepared for Disney Plus by MF Production, Demet Özdemir’s name started to be talked about in the backstage this time. Demet Özdemir can participate in the series race that Disney Plus will start in April with a new project.

Kerem Bürsin was the name considered for the male lead of the series, which MF Production continued its preparations meticulously… This may cause Kerem Bürsin and Demet Özdemir to meet in a project… Of course, for now, contacts are being made with both actors, so there is no clear situation. .

Another claim for Demet Özdemir is the demands for Can Yaman to take part in the new Disney Plus project… Fans who love the Erkenci Kuş series want Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir to get together again. Various allegations were made that Can Yaman wanted this situation very much.

2022 is likely to be a very active and fruitful year for Demet Özdemir… We will continue to convey the developments as they become clear.

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