This time, a harsh criticism came to the highly praised Netflix's Kuş Uçuşu series!
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5 October 2022 13:12


This time, a harsh criticism came to the highly praised Netflix’s Kuş Uçuşu series!

The series called Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight), shot by Ay Yapım for Netflix, has been awaited with great interest for a very long time. The series premiered on June 3.

Birce Akalay, Miray Daner and İbrahim Çelikkol, starring Birce Akalay, which created great excitement with its introductions, tells the brutal struggle of two different generations in the media world.

The Kuş Uçuşu series, which attracted great attention as soon as it was shown, officially entered Netflix from the top. Although only three days have passed since its release, Kuş Uçuşu, which reached the top in Turkey, also ranked sixth in the world rankings. It was included in the top 10 rankings of 40 countries.

TV critic Sina Koloğlu evaluated Kuş Uçuşu, which also received laudatory comments on social media, from a different perspective.

Koloğlu drew attention with the words “Kuş Uçuşu Everything is So Easy”. Stating that this comment was made by the young people who watched the TV series in his family, Sina Koloğlu criticized with the following statements: “Everything in the story of Aslı (Miray Daner)’s ‘Kuş Uçuşu’ makes an impression on the audience very easily. The ‘state of disregard’ for the profession of our domestic TV series is also present here. Investigative journalists have just issued a business card for Lale (Birce Akalay).”

In his article, Sina Koloğlu also used the following statements about the screenwriter of the series, Meriç Acemi; “Meriç Acemi is a screenwriter who has successfully worked on the tension-filled lives of famous and rich lives, as well as adolescent depressions and loves. ‘Love 101’ released on Netflix. She wants to continue this style, which she culminated with ‘Ufak Tefek Cinayetler’, in ‘Kuş Uçuşu’. The ‘curiosity’ version of the story gives what is expected.”

Sina Koloğlu’s actor evaluations are also interesting; “Although Birce Akalay (Lale), Aslı (Miray Daner) gives an exaggerated look, I am a bit ambitious, İbrahim Çelikkol (Kenan), Defne Kayalar (Gül), İrem Sak (Muge), Burak Yamantürk (Selim) are doing their job very well. Our actors have a problem with ‘swallowing words’. There was a claim of the household that there was a problem in the voiceover as well.”

Birce Akalay and Miray Daner’s performances are particularly noteworthy in the Kuş Uçuşu series. In the series, where we will watch Birce Akalay as an experienced journalist, Miray Daner plays a Z generation journalist who gets a job in the channel Akalay works for and tries to prove herself.

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