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21 May 2022 15:37


This time, Hande Erçel made her followers emotional!

Hande Erçel, who denied the rumors that she parted ways with her lover Kerem Bürsin last week, saying, “There is absolutely no separation!”, appeared in Mardin.

The beautiful actress, who went to Mardin for a trip, took lots of photos in the city and shared these moments with her followers on social media.

A detail in Hande Ercel’s sharing did not escape her sister Gamze Ercel’s notice. Hande Erçel posed with the sweater of her mother Aylin Erçel, who died in 2019 due to cancer. The photograph of the famous actress also touched her older sister Gamze Erçel.

The detail in Erçel’s post, posing in front of the mirror, also touched her followers. Gamze Erçel, who was not indifferent to the photo, also commented on her brother’s post, “My mother’s sweater…”.

In an interview, Hande Erçel said that her mother, Aylin Erçel, was her inspiration in life. For her famous actress mother, “She is the one who always encouraged me to be the person I want to be. She is also my biggest inspiration.

I learned to stand upright, to struggle, to love a lot, to give unconditionally, to work hard and to shine as I work. I always strive to make her proud, and I always dedicate all my achievements and happy moments to her.” had used the words.

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