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20 May 2022 19:39


Those who are caught in the Kara Tahta series will be both happy and sad!

The third episode of the Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series, which started on the TRT1 screen, is left behind. The influential scenes of the series, in which Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner are in the lead roles, attract many people. As the story of the series develops, the loyalty of the audience increases.

The biggest shortcoming in the series, whose third episode is left behind, is the ratings. There are many positive and negative posts about the series, which is also effective on social media. Some series fans see the story as slow and unexciting. Others think that the story gets better as the series unfolds. However, viewer comments or social media interaction do not matter much for television channels.

There is only one truth on television and that is the ratings. The Kara Tahta series, on the other hand, caused a decrease in hopes with its below-average ratings in the ratings… Those who expect the ratings to rise a little in the 3rd episode of the series, rejoice at a slight increase in the category of all people who came in twelfth. The series, which took fifth place in AB and ABC1, by achieving average rates, still achieves rates well below expectations.

The Kara Tahta series was expected to be one of the gripping productions of Wednesday evening with much better ratings. However, the incoming ratings show that the course of the series is in the middle ranks, as a production that will progress by experiencing rating problems.

If there is no serious jump at a time, it will not surprise anyone that the Kara Tahta series continues on its way with similar proportions. So, do these rates make TRT1 happy? TRT1 kept its previously low-rated series on the screen for a long time. However, the expectation from Kara Tahta was very high. In fact, Kara Tahta will be released to the world market together with other TRT1 series and it is expected to be sold to different countries. In line with this goal, TRT1 is expected to continue the series.

An early finale is not on the agenda for Kara Tahta for now, but if the ratings don’t get a little higher than these levels, things can get very messy in the second season. In order for the series, which will complete this season, to continue on its way in the second season, a little more improvement should be seen in the ratings. Of course, if TRT1 wants to continue the project, it will not look at the ratings.

It should be said that TRT1 will not give up the Kara Tahta series quickly. This is a development that will please those who are passionately attached to the series. However, the further decrease in the ratings may result in TRT1 keeping it shorter than planned at the point of the continuation of the series. If the series exceeds the ratings of 3 and reaches the range of 4-5, then there is an important reason for its continuation.

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