Those who heard Akın Akınözü's words about Ebru Şahin immediately noticed the strangeness!
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5 December 2022 07:52


Those who heard Akın Akınözü’s words about Ebru Şahin immediately noticed the strangeness!

Akın Akınözü’s statement about his partner Ebru Şahin, with whom he worked for 3 years, came to the fore in the magazine’s agenda. Reminding that they had been a partner for 3 years, Akın Akınözü does not think that Ebru Şahin will send his a wedding invitation.

Ebru Şahin, who is preparing for marriage with Cedi Osman, is living the happiest period of her life. However, it is thought that Ebru Şahin is not on good terms with Akın Akınözü, with whom she is popular in the TV series Hercai. The reason for this thought is hidden in Akın Akınözü’s words.

The actor, who was photographed by the cameras, made the following statement about Ebru Şahin: “As far as I understand, my partner with whom I worked for 3 years is on the way of a marriage. I wish you happiness. Beyond that, what can I say… I don’t receive a wedding invitation. Even if it comes, will I go or not? It stays in the air.”

Akın Akınözü actually states with these words that he does not have much to do with Ebru Şahin. Even if there is no problem between them, it is clear from these words that there is a coldness between them.

It is a confusing situation that the probability of two young actors getting together even at the wedding, after an environment where the team saw each other more than their families, was shot in Midyat for 3 years.

Let’s see if Ebru Şahin will send a wedding invitation to her former co-star. What will Akın Akınözü do if this invitation comes? We will follow the developments and convey them to you.

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