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6 July 2022 21:58


Those who saw Hazar Ergüçlü in that state were terribly afraid!

Hazar Ergüçlü brings the character of Çiçek to life in the Flame Of Fate series published on Show TV screens. In the series that started with a great fire disaster, the life of Çiçek’s character was a pain in the audience.

Çiçek, whom İskender threw into the fire and abandoned during the fire, was rescued seriously injured. Afterwards, she was offered by Doctor Tomris to replace her daughter who died in the hospital… Hazar Ergüçlü’s face and eyes affected the viewers.

While Çiçek, who was seriously injured from a fire, set sail for a new life, fans of Hazar Ergüçlü liked this role very much. What will happen in the following parts of the series is expected with curiosity.

The new trailer of the series has also been released. Hazar Ergüçlü also shared this trailer on his account. Viewers could not write a message because the actress turned off their posts to comment. However, in the comments made on twitter, the fans made very positive comments due to her success in Çiçek’s character.

In the second new episode, which will be published on Thursday, November 12, Çelebi increases the tension by saying that Cemre is alive and that there is someone who helps him in the promotion, where Rüya has great sadness after the fire. While Rüya asks İskender to account, whom she thinks is responsible for Çiçek’s death, Tomris said to Çiçek “Take my daughter’s place!” Saying shocks the audience. The reaction of Ali who sees Çiçek is a matter of great curiosity.

Here is the 2nd new episode trailer shared by Hazar Ergüçlü:

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