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3 July 2022 21:07


Three more young actors to the Kuruluş Osman! The cast of the series is getting younger!

The Kuruluş Osman series, which is preparing to come to the ATV screens with its third season in the coming days, draws attention with the young actors who join the cast. Three more young actors joined the cast of the series shot by Bozdağ Film.

The Kuruluş Osman series, which broke the rating records in Turkey, counts the days for the third season. The series, which will meet the audience on the ATV screen very soon with its 65th episode, added an actor from Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olamaz series a few days ago. Can Bartu Arslan, 22, who plays Hızır Çakırbeyli’s son Ömer in the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olamaz, will take a role in the new season in Kuruluş Osman.

After Can Bartu Arslan, three more young actors joined the Kuruluş Osman. The participation announcement of young actors Melis Gürhan, Gizem Kala and Burak Alp Yenilmez was made on Bozdağ Film’s social media account.

Melis Gürhan, who had her first acting experience with the series Dila Hanım, then took a role in the Avlu. Melis Gürhan most recently played the character of Duygu in Mucize Doktor.

28-year-old Gizem Kala is another young name who will take part in the new season of “Kuruluş Osman”. Kala, who played a role in the TV series Ölene Kadar, Can Kırıkları, Yasak Elma, played the character of Nehir in the Babylon series in 2020.

Born in 1991, Burak Alp Yenilmez starred in the movie Kınalı Kuzular and the TV series Dur Yolcu. Yenilmez, which was released in 2016, portrayed the character of Zafer in the movie Sevdam Gözlerin Kaldı.

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