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19 May 2022 21:17


Tolga Saritas misfortune in Show TV’s bomb series Baba!

Fans follow the developments about the TV series Baba, which is expected to fascinate the audience in 2022 on Show TV screen, with great interest. New names are added to the series, in which Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş take the lead roles, and different news comes from the set.

Expectations for the series, whose first trailer was released last week, have increased considerably. In addition to being an action production of the series, the fact that Görhan Horzum, who wrote Çukur as a screenwriter, is in the team also increases the interest…

There is sad news for the fans who are eagerly waiting for Tolga Sarıtaş to return to the screen after the series called “Arıza”… Tolga Sarıtaş, who is in the lead role, caught the coronavirus. This misfortune experienced by the actor also negatively affected his shooting plans.

Filming had begun on the set of the series, and new names continue to be included in the team. An agreement was made with Özge Yağız, who started the season with the production of Benim Hayatım, but was unfortunate that it lasted 6 episodes.

Özge Yağız will take her place on the screen as Büşra, the sister of the character Kadir, played by Tolga Sarıtaş.

The series, in which Çağrı Bayrak worked meticulously as a director, is expected to meet with the audience soon.

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