Tolgahan Sayisman scored a goal against his colleagues with his profit sharing!..
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6 October 2022 07:50


Tolgahan Sayisman scored a goal against his colleagues with his profit sharing!..

Famous actor Tolgahan Sayisman came to the screens with the TV series “Şeref Sözü”, which was broadcast on Show TV. After the series was canceled in the 4th episode due to low ratings, the actor took a break from TV series.

The actor, who has been away from the screens for a while, broke new ground in his career by establishing a company called Han Medya ve Yapım and decided to be behind the screen.

From time to time, the actor satisfies his fans with his Instagram posts. The famous actor posed under the white snow in his social media account, evaluating the snowfall that affected all of Turkey.

Tolgahan Sayisman was one point ahead of his colleagues posing in the snow. Actor sharing; He underlined that he doesn’t like cold weather very much, by putting down the note, “Don’t look, I’m not too good for posing like this with snowy weather”.

The handsome actor, who married his colleague Almeda Abazi in Los Angeles in 2017, has a happy relationship. Commenting on Tolgahan Sayışman’s post, Almeda Abazi stated that he chose the outfit of the actor himself, and dropped the note “Ohh, I dressed it like a tospik”.

The snow pose of the actor, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, received many likes in a short time. Tolgahan Sayışman’s fans commented under the photo, “We missed you so much”.

Tolgahan Sayisman, who became a father for the first time with the birth of his son Efehan in 2019, tasted fatherhood for the second time with the birth of his daughter Alina in June last year. The actor also shares with his children from time to time on his social media account.

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