Artists News Tolgahan Sayışman walked away from a car accident

Tolgahan Sayışman walked away from a car accident

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Famous actor Tolgahan Sayışman returned to the screen this season with the last series titled Word Of Honor (Şeref Sözü), but the series, which had low ratings, was soon removed from the broadcast. After this development, it was decided from the Accountant, who wanted to spend more time in his business life, to leave a time for acting.

Tolgahan Sayman announced that he would be interested in construction and textile works and stated that he could think of acting if there were digital projects, but that he gave a long break to television projects. The famous actor survived a traffic accident on his way to Izmir for a job interview.

The car of the player, who had an accident on his return from Izmir with his friend, rolled over. The seatbelt saved the two unharmed.

According to the news in the Hürriyet newspaper, two people in the vehicle were involved in the accident around Yalova. The luxury vehicle used by the Treasurer’s friend rolled over when he made a sudden maneuver to avoid hitting another vehicle.

As a result of the deployment of the airbags and the wearing of the seat belt, both people survived the incident without any injuries. The Treasurer and his friend were checked at the hospital and then went home.

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