Series News TRT officially announced, Deniz Baysal’s partner in the Teşkilat series was Murat Yıldırım!

TRT officially announced, Deniz Baysal’s partner in the Teşkilat series was Murat Yıldırım!


A new name has been added to the cast while the third season of TRT 1’s TV series “Teşkilat” (Organization), which has been at the top of the ratings as the audience’s favorite for two seasons, continues.

‘Teşkilat’ sounds very ambitious in its third season and Murat Yıldırım became the leading male actor of the series instead of Çağlar Ertuğrul.

Famous actor Murat Yıldırım, who completed the shooting of the new movie after his last TV series project, joined the cast of “Teşkilat”, which will come to the screen with its third season.

Yıldırım will share the lead role of the series with Deniz Baysal Yurtcu this season. The first poses of the duo were also served to the press.

Saying that he is very happy to be included in the cast of the series, which he admires, Murat Yıldırım will give life to the character of Ömer Atmaca in the new season of the series.

How will Zehra’s difficult process and Ömer’s mysterious story affect the team?

The adrenaline dose will increase in the new season of ‘The Teşkilat’, which manages to impress the audience with its intriguing story and action scenes.

After what happened in the season finale, Zehra, who found herself in a difficult and unbearable process, was the subject of great curiosity.

Ömer, who has just joined the team, has shouldered the burden of his family after his father left them at an early age.

After years of difficulties, he became a successful member of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization thanks to his determination and superior talent.

Omer, shaken by the impact of the painful event he experienced on the return of a critical operation, will face facts about his own life that he did not know while searching for those responsible for this incident.

Ömer joins the team and joins the relentless struggle against the “terrorist state”, which is the biggest agenda. On the other hand, his past accounts with Zehra will be opened and things will go wrong…

‘The Teşkilat’, which left many question marks in mind with its breathtaking season finale episode and whose new episodes are eagerly awaited, will surprise the audience with its surprises in the new season.