Series News TRT1’s Seksenler series is facing an undeserved result again!

TRT1’s Seksenler series is facing an undeserved result again!

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The journey of the Seksenler series continues on TRT1 screens. Many series fans are happy with this situation. However, those who are not satisfied are also in the majority. The Seksenler returned to the daily series format as in previous seasons.

The interest in Seksenler, which was broadcast at the most watched hour, which is expressed as prime-time, as a weekly series during the summer months, was quite high. It would be correct to say that the series brought a good audience to TRT1 in the summer period.

With the participation of İlker Ayrık, Reha Özcan and Zeynep Demirel, the cast was renewed and the series Seksenler began to meet with the audience on TRT1 screens in the winter.

This time, the ratings for the Seksenler, which was screened at 16.30 in the afternoon, are far below what it deserves. The TV series broadcast on weekdays was put in front of the women’s programs and the ratings for that hour started to be very low.

The episode aired on Friday, which could not get the ratings it deserves, and which many viewers could not follow due to the broadcast time, ranked 49th among all people. The series, which was 27th in the EU, finished the day 34th in the ABC1 category. Seksenler series fans continue to send their complaints to TRT1.