Series News The truth of the [Love and Blue]

The truth of the [Love and Blue]


The 57th episode was a lot talked about.

Emrah and Burcu Kıratlı share the main roles in the series.

In the series, Fatma learned that Demirhan was her own baby.

The appearance of these greetings made the audience happy.

The people who kidnapped Demirhan were Cemal and Safiye couple.

Cemal and Safiye couple hide this fact from Fatma.

Pink character made it happen with the confession she made.

The audience is upset about the situation of Fatma.

Audience comments are as follows:

“Shame on the woman!”
“Finally appeared baby!”,
“I thought I’d never learn!”

It is unclear who abducted Demirhan who was lost at the end of the chapter.