Artists News TubaBüyüküstün, at the peak of love

TubaBüyüküstün, at the peak of love


5 July 1982, TubaBüyüküstün is born in Istanbul…

She started her screen career in 2003 and she has appeared on many TV series and in movies.

The actress, who was also spoken by commercials, married OnurSaylak, whom she had met in the Gönülçelen tv series, and had become a twin baby.

Following the divorce of the couple, she started to be with the operator UmutEvirgen.

The actress who has a fan in many parts of the world, is not on a project that is a good one

Finally, the actress on the screen in the ‘Brave and Beautiful’ TV series, thanks to this series in many countries of the world is being watched …

She, who has not been involved in the series for 2 years is currently at the peak of romance …

TubaBüyüküstün – UmutEvirgen couple was shown in a concert.

The couple who gave the image in hand reflected in the happy state of the object.

She experienced romantic moments during the double concert.