Turkish drama artists have great interest in foreign countries
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28 January 2023 16:16


Turkish drama artists have great interest in foreign countries

The Turkish serials are broadcast not only in the Middle East but also in over 100 countries in different parts of the world.

Thus, Turkey is done with sequences widely advertised.

The brands used in the series are being worked on to be domestic brands instead of global brands.

This solidarity will contribute to the globalization of Turkish brands.

In the first marketing initiatives, Turkish serials were sold for as low as $ 30-50 per episode, but then went up to $ 20,000 per episode.

Foreign TV producers are prepared to give even more as the return is so good.

 Turkish arrays are also being watched in northern European countries.

[20 Minutes] was broadcast on Sweden’s state television SVT, as well as at prime time. They have also bought [Broken Pieces].

Swedish audiences say they like sequences, only that acting needs to be better.

When you look at the fan comments on the social media accounts of Turkish artists, it can be seen that the Turks even suppress the strangeness of the foreigners.

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