Series News Turkish serials affect millions worldwide

Turkish serials affect millions worldwide


Turkish producers, after South America, the United States and Europe, stated that their new targets in series exports are China, Japan and India, “We will exceed the $ 1 billion revenue. Our series will be shown in over 150 countries like American series, “he said.

According to the news in Yeni Asır, Yusuf Gursoy, President of Radio and Television Broadcasters Vocational Union (RATEM), stated that their targets in the series exports are mainly China, Japan and India, “the market is big, demand is overworked,” he said.

Gursoy, 9 hours spent at the screen that people in Turkey, with its 4 hours of television screens, while the other time zones smartphones, tablets, told us that now with computers. eating and drinking culture to the historical past, Gursoy, indicating that Turkey’s curiosity to historical places up the outfit, in which television is very good processing technology provides a good merger, he said that content.

Gursoy, the first in the series of US exports, stating that if Turkey’s second, “Turkey, itself not exceed the following scenario diversity in Brazil and Mexico, have the benefit of combining with the right caste and location. One of our key export destinations is Latin America. Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay, “he said.

Near 100’s

Yusuf Gürsoy, adding that television series should not be regarded as just an exporting pen and that the value added is high, he added:

“In 45-90 minutes, we create significant added value through the presentation of our tourism areas, all our cultural assets, our cultural assets, and the goods and services we produce. Turkey’s exports went to the range of $ 250 million but measurable added value of 750-800 million dollars. Our share of export of our series of tourism is very high. We declared our 2023 export target as $ 1 billion. We will overcome this goal. An American string is shown in over 150 countries. That’s our goal. Our sequences are currently being shown in nearly 100 countries. The Middle East is getting more current, better life targeting sequences. Latin America is getting our periodic historical series, Europe is getting thematic series. ”

“The Magnificent Century” is the best-selling series and has been broadcast in 85 countries, Gursoy said, “Our target is mainly China, Japan and India. The market is big, demand is over, and studies are being done on it. ”


RATEM President Gursoy, Turkey’s television series production and exports in stressing that it is important to maintain position where, “Obviously we’ve become a little stumbles in recent years. The way to protect her and to re-accelerate is to be more visible in international arenas, “he said.

Gürsoy said that the International Istanbul Film and Television Forum and Exhibition (IFTV), which will start today, will serve it and said that they expect more than 200 qualified television executives from many countries in the USA, Spain, China and Ukraine.

IFTV will be held at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center on September 28-30, “IFTV will be mainly concerned with the introduction of our television productions, the introduction of our series both domestically and abroad, and the competitiveness of the market. It is an event that aims to keep track of developments related to the content and technology of our televisions and to make them available for future projection. ”

Gursoy, reported that they expect 10 thousand visitors in total.


The ATV series continues to take place in the first place in the sequence of the most popular series abroad.

Tuba Büyüküstün and Engin Akyürek’s “Kara Money Love” series became the most exported series in 2015.

ATV General Manager Metin Ergen stated that the ATV series is an important audience, saying: “We are doing culture exports. If you knew for sure how to go to America now he knows about this place from all over the world come to Turkey. After the US, we are making the largest series of exports. ATV is exporting series from Vietnam to America. We do this not only for dollars or euros, but also for tourism. The series will be watched on ATV, “he said.