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Turkish TV Serie – Cotton White



A story of love and secrets! Cotton White tells the story of lives coming together…
A story of love and secrets! Cotton White tells the story of lives coming together on Adana’s fertile land. Lives as free as the White Sea of vast cotton fields, and as beautiful and delicate as cotton seedlings… This fertile land plays host to both the rich and the poor. One of the wealthiest families in Adana lives here amidst an ocean of cotton. Four brothers now rule the region, everything from the cotton reserves to the thousands of ranch workers are in their hands. The story starts with one brother’s encounter with Cotton White. Untold secrets, lies, love and power follow… Story Outline… Halil, Ömer, Mustafa and Mehmet Ali: the four Aslanbaş brothers. Their deceased father left them as heirs to the wealthiest empire in Adana. The eldest brother Halil dreams of being an architect abroad. But his every step towards this dream is hampered by family and also Gulizar. Mustafa is a care-free man by nature, savoring the pleasures of life with his young and beautiful wife Meryemce, and doing nothing but riding horses and luxury automobiles. Youngest brother Mehmet Ali has just returned from the states having completed his undergraduate degree and wanders around ignorant to the family’s principles and duties. Their grandfather Hacı Sefer is bed-bound and holds a deep silence over several family secrets. These secrets are to be revealed with the arrival of the beautiful and smart Agricultural Engineer Ceren. While tracing her family history with the help of her friend Diyat, Ceren will hear the name Aslanbaş more and more frequently. As an employee of Aslanbaş Holding, Ceren meets Ömer and they cannot deny the attraction between them. The relationship between these two young people will become a real adventure…








Erkan Petekkaya / Ömer
Mehmet Günsür / Mustafa
İsmail Hacıoğlu / Mehmet Ali
Altan Erkekli / Halil
Olgun Şimşek / Aziz

Sezin Akbağoğulları / Ceren