All Series Turkish TV Serie – Shubat

Turkish TV Serie – Shubat


Details Original Title: Subat English Title: Shubat Also Known As: Genre: Crime, Drama Episodes: 32 Broadcast Network: TRT 1 Broadcast Period: September 14, 2012 – May 30, 2013 Production Company: Eflatun Film Director: A. Volkan Kocaturk Screen Writer: Funda Alp

Synopsis Subat is a young boy who was left to an orphanage on February and given a name of Subat – which means February in Turkish. While he is staying at orphanage, he is subjected to experiments that give him superpowers.

One day, there starts a fire at the orphanage and 17 orphans die. Subat’s face is partially burned in a fire and he is rescued by a homeless guy named Mr. Aziz (Musa Uzunlar). Aziz lives at the tunnels of Istanbul and makes a living by collecting waste. He saves the life of Subat and starts to raise him in a secluded place after discovering his superpowers.

15 years later, Subat (Alican Yucesoy) becomes a young guy with a scar in his face. He lives happily with Aziz and his friend Saltuk (Tansu Bicer) at the tunnels of Istanbul. They have an isolated life from ordinary people and for this reason; they draw attention on public places. They are street dwellers and assumed to be criminal even if they do not do anything wrong.