All Series Turkish Tv Serie – Vanished 46

Turkish Tv Serie – Vanished 46


Details Original Title: 46 Yok Olan English Title: Vanished 46 Also Known As: 46 исчезнувших, 46 Napadid Genre: Crime, Mistery Episodes: 13 Broadcast Network: Star TV Broadcast Period: March 27, 2016 – June 24, 2016 Production Company: Nunova Film Director: Serdar Akar Screen Writer: Ercan Mehmet Erdem

Vanished 46 Synopsis Murat (Erdal Besikcioglu) is a professor of molecular biology who is trying to find a cure for his comatose sister Ezo (Ayca Eren). He feels guilty for the death of his father and for his sister’s illness.

When Murat was a young man, he made a car accident and indirectly caused the death of his father. After this tragedy, his sister Ezo started to have a psychological problem and used sedatives. When Ezo increased the dosage of her pills without the permission of her doctor, she fell into a coma.

Murat wants to do everything that could save his sister from a 5-year long coma. He just discovers a medicine and tries a new potion on himself first without getting required permissions. But this discovery changes his life in an unexpected way.