All Series Turkish TV Series – The Big Lie

Turkish TV Series – The Big Lie



Original Title: Buyuk Yalan

English Title: The Big Lie

Also Known As:

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Episodes: 69

Broadcast Network: ATV

Broadcast Period: 2004 – June 10, 2006

Production Company: Gold Film

Director: Yuksel Aksu

Screen Writer: Deniz Akcay


A wealthy and deep rooted Vardarlilar family owns vast estates in Mugla (the city in western Turkey). They have three daughters and the family patriarch Ethem (Halil Ergun) wants a boy who will take the place of himself and manage the family business in the future. For this reason, Ruksan (Hulya Darcan) is very nervous and thinks that if she gives birth to a girl again her husband Ethem will be upset and that the balances in the family will change. While her husband is out of town, Ruksan gives birth to another girl. The night before in the next village a poor woman has given birth to a boy. The midwife Hayriye says that the only solution to Ruksan’s problem is to exchange the babies. Ruksan feels that she has no coice, but to exchange the babies so, she accepts the proposal. They give a sizable amount of money to the poor family in return and asks them to move to another city.