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Turkish TV Series – The Game of Love


Details Original Title: Ask Oyunu English Title: The Game of Love Also Known As: Genre: Romance, Comedy Episodes: 46 Broadcast Network: Kanal D Broadcast Period: June 28, 2005 – Production Company: Medyapim Director: Bulent Isbilen Screen Writer: Cem Gorgec, Baris Erdogan

Synopsis Sarp (Keremcem) is a rich, young and handsome man who is wominezer. His parents do not like his life style and want him to settle back. They want him to get married Yelda (Belit Ozukan) who also comes from a rich family. On the other hand, Ekin (Yasemin Ergene) is a poor suburban girl who works in a factory to support her poor family. One day, out of pure coincidence, Ekin and Sarp come across and decide to make a marriage aggreement. Sarp does not want to get married Yelda and he wants his freedom back. Meanwhile, Ekin wants to finance her family’s monetary needs. Through fake marriage, both Sarp and Ekin will be happy. This is because, Sarp will get rid of his parents’s pressure while continuing his night-life and at the same time, Ekin will get money from Sarp while pretending his wife. However, they do not consider one thing: love. Eventually, they will fall in love and this love will affect everyone.