Series News It turns out who came from the decision to ban the Turkish series!

It turns out who came from the decision to ban the Turkish series!


Last week MBC broadcasting in the United Arab Emirates has announced that it has removed the Turkish serials by sending instructions to all the channels in the world.

The Washington Post would have revealed the reasons behind this decision.

The crisis increased tensions with Turkey – Qatar – United Arab Emirates last week, at a time when relations came to a freezing point of discussion has created a new news.

The MBC has been instructed to remove the Turkish serials from the broadcast.

The secret behind the removal of a total of 6 Turkish lines was the Washington Post.

Washington Post wrote that MBC’s President Waleed el-İbrahim was among businessmen and politicians who were taken into custody in Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Post wrote: “We were free from the Ritz Carlton in January, but have not been to Dubai yet. In the past few weeks, MCB representatives have met with Clifford Chance lawyers, agreeing that Waleed el-İbrahim should leave his 40 per cent feelings. The two representatives were closely related to the agreement,

Washington Post reports that one of the reasons for the termination of the six popular Turkish lines is that the cost of these series is $ 25 million.

According to the report, “Turkey and Qatar to the Saudi government is not so good. Persons concerned said that the reason for the completion of the Turkish line came from a senior official close to Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Selman “.

Following this development, The National newspaper announced that its online publishing platform Netflix would not change its publishing policy.

Netflix has published about 20 Turkish serials in the region, including Wounded Love and Ezel.