Series News [Tuvana Turkay] new series strategy

[Tuvana Turkay] new series strategy


[Tuvana Turkay] latest news …

Actress has set a new method for new drama series.

Actress said she wanted to take part in a series of ongoing projects, which she believed strongly in the screenplay, rather than a new series of projects.

Beautiful actress, in her words, tells you that you do not want to get into the rating stress …

The last series she played was removed from the chart due to the low rating. So she decided a new strategy.

Running several series in Turkey and the majority of them discontinued the publication as soon as possible.

Actress does not want to have such a problem.

She told that in the summer months it might be a motion picture project.

She, on the question of having sexually-competing scenes in the series posted on the internet, said:

“As a result, we are the characters who play there. Already the first rule of the player, you are someone else ”