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20 August 2022 07:43


Üç Kuruş exaggerated the dose of violence! Some viewers could not stand it and turned off the TV!

The Üç Kuruş series, shot by Ay Yapım for Show TV, came to the screen with its second episode last night. In the episode last night, the violence was so intense that some viewers could not stand it and turned off the television.

The second episode of Üç Kuruş, the event series of the last days, was broadcast last night. The series, which made a good start with the first episode that came to the screen last week, is expected to increase its ratings this week. However, a scene broadcast in last night’s episode drew a huge reaction from the audience.

In last night’s episode of the series, we return to the past, to the childhood of Kartal and his brother, played by Uraz Kaygılaroğlu. Two children are punished for secretly taking a picture of the belly dancer in a casino and are asked to play like belly dancers in the middle. However, their mothers are against it and try to protect their children. Thereupon, the gunman kills the mother by shooting her in the forehead while the child hugs her mother. The man cuts into the child’s palm with a knife and writes “ÇP” (Gypsy B….).

All these scenes were actually meant to explain the reason for the revenge that was wanted to be taken. But was it necessary to explain in such detail? The audience is asking this question. For this violent scene, some of the viewers could not stand it and said that they turned off the TV or changed the channel.

A viewer expressed his reaction as follows: “In one word, disgrace… In fact, there is a situation that is more disgraceful than this; people who said they were sensitive to violence yesterday, keep quiet about these scenes and try to make excuses. However, I’m sure #Rtuk will show the necessary sensitivity.”

Another viewer wrote, “It was a scene of violence and brutality, aimed at both women and children #Rtuk @ibrahimuslu55 I hope they do what is necessary.”

You can see some of the audience’s reactions to this scene of violence below.

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