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9 August 2022 17:17


Üç Kuruş has just started and was punished immediately!

The three episodes of the Üç Kuruş series, which met with the audience on Show TV on Monday evenings, have been broadcast so far. The ratings of the series, starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Ekin Koç, Nursel Köse, Aslıhan Malboran and Nesrin Cavadzade, are going well.

There was a reaction to some scenes in the Üç Kuruş series, which attracted a wide audience. As a result of these reactions, the Radio and Television Supreme Council put the Üç Kuruş series on its agenda.

The series received its first sentence for scenes that humiliate women. Previously, the Show TV series Çukur was sentenced many times. Üç Kuruş has shown that it will not be inferior in terms of production and punishment, which is a continuation of Çukur.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, who wrote about the punishment given to the series, used the following statements: “The TV series “Üç Kuruş” was penalized. One of the topics is ‘violent harassment against women’, showing women as powerless. Almost all of our natives are male dominated. Men cheat, women suffer in our TV series. After wanting to impose a fine, there is plenty of reason!”

There are harsh scenes in the Üç Kuruş series, which draws attention with its story set in the gypsy neighborhood. Although Üç Kuruş knows that punishment will come just like Çukur, it seems that he will not give up such harsh scenes…

The Çukur series also went the way it knew despite the overlapping penalties at the time, but some revisions were made and measures were taken to increase the penalties. Let’s see if measures will be taken to avoid punishment in the new episodes for Üç Kuruş.

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